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warehousingInter-Iberica can take care of all the tasks that are needed; from the order receipt, transfer, storage, stock administration, packaging, labelling and even invoicing. Besides a modern fleet of vehicles we have at our disposal several non-conditioned storage and transfer facilities at geographically strategic places. We also use efficient automated and computerized systems.



Warehousing means to us:

  • Helping our customers with their production and goods supply.
  • Taking care of the customers’ supply management and data.
  • Under camera surveillance system.
  • With Tapa certificate.
  • With Warehouse Management System.
  • Inspecting actual supplies on a 24 hours a day basis.
  • Delivering supply upon request.
  • Assuring that delivery agreements with customers are kept Just In Time (JIT).

We can offer our customers the attractive combination of both transport and warehousing. Doing business with Inter-Iberica is therefore easy and fast for our customers.